Our services

The written translation:

- literal and notarized
- personal documents (passports, diplomas, certificates, powers of attorney and etc)
- medicine, law, economics, technical documents etc.

The interpretation:

- service of a competent interpreter during the marriage
- providing assistance in escorting to the different organizations, banks, business meetings
- meeting a foreign partner at the airport

Documents can be delivered in a convenient way

Translation into ALL the official languages

Russian, Serbian, English, German, French, Italian, Croatian, Arabic etc.

7 our strengths

1Low cost with high quality

2Express translations

3Personal approach

4We approve a payment method

5You can forward us an order without leaving your home or office, the documents can be delivered at your office or home

6After the text has been examined you will be sent the relevant quote

7Compliance with delivery dates

Simply order a translation!

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We calculate the price and the periods required for translation

We approve a payment method

You will get a high quality translation as quickly as possible

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